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About Us


Established in 2010 . PB Leaflet Distribution is the most reliable source for your distribution needs across Peterborough , Leicester and Cambridge ! PB Leaflet Distribution was formed for the simple need of a reliable and great value distribution company for leaflets , flyers , menus , business cards , vouchers etc… PB Leaflet Distribution was formed with the simple premise that we are the best in the area . We offer a range of services across the board , whether you want your leaflet distributing on it’s own or with a few other unrelated leaflets to save on costs . we’re out to prove to you that we’re the most professional and reliable leaflet distribution company . Our team distributes leaflets , flyers,menus , business cards with the best possible service available , which means it’s excellent value.You’re always in first place for us.Your business is our business ! All deliveries must be paid prior we start any distribution.